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Sachi Physiotherapy

About Us

Sachi Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic is committed to clinical practice, education, research and providing expertized care to everyone who needs healing.

We take health care personally at Sachi. Because excellence in health care is about caring for people with dignity and respect. That’s what we do. We are committed to increasing access to quality physiotherapy care. Our integrated and multi-therapy approaches help to keep a strong focus on patient needs and deliver the highest level of patient-centric care and best outcomes. With a focus on caring for patients with serious, complex illnesses, we serve the best expertized and advanced physiotherapy treatments in the city.

We make sure that our clinic is not only equipped with the latest equipment but also provides a clean, energetic and uplifting atmosphere for better healing.

Rather than transactional engagement with patients, we are committed to partner with our patients in their journey of healing. Empowering individuals towards healthier lives, by providing exceptional services, we are dedicated to providing the best physiotherapy care to meet the needs of people- for our patients- for you.

Meet Our Founder

Sayali Chitnis

Dr Sayali Chitnis

BPT, MPT (Pediatrics),




Expert in Kinesio Taping

Dr. Sayali Chitnis

A woman behind Sachi…

Dr Sayali Chitnis is Pediatric Physiotherapist and a leading certified NDT practitioner in Belagavi, Karnataka. She is also a certified Fitness Instructor and Kinesio Taping Expert in the city. She is a highly skilled professional working in the field for many years.

She has significant experience working in primitive as well as modern health care systems. In her career graph, she has been also worked as an assistant professor in well-reputed medical institutions and has trained many students with her knowledge and excellence. Her research papers have been published in various Indian and international journals and are today guide many researchers in their journey.

Dr Sayali Chitnis is currently providing physiotherapy treatments in Belagavi, the second capital of Karnataka. She is a founder and director at Sachi Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic. Through Sachi… she is creating awareness regarding physiotherapy practices and providing excellent physiotherapy services with all her passion and dedication.

Dr Sayali has been an inspiration to all of us for the fact that learning never stops. Continuous learning and enhancement of knowledge is a key to perfection. She believes in providing treatment with passion and dedication for each of her patients.

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