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Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio tape is an elastic therapeutic tape with an acrylic adhesive that is used with the intent of treating pain and athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders.

Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic tool and has become increasingly popular within the area of sports. Taping has been used for a long time for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. It is not only used for sports injuries but for a variety of other conditions.

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There are many proposed benefits including-

  • Proprioceptive facilitation

  • Reduced muscle fatigue

  • Muscle facilitation

  • Reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness

  • Pain inhibition

  • Enhanced healing, such as reducing edema

  • Improvement of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

Kinesio Taping is a technique designed to work with the body’s natural healing process while providing rehabilitative support and stability to muscles and joints. It is used asprevention, treatment and rehabilitative purposes. Tape is strategically placed over muscles and joints. Application of it reduces pain by easing pressure on pain receptors and decreasing swelling by increasing fluid movement.

Unlike, bulky, elastic bandages, Kinesio tape is not used to limit movement or provide stiff support. It provides stability and movement together.

Dr Sayali Chitnis is trained in Kinesio taping and practising in this field for many years. Here at Sachi, we use various methods of Kinesio taping through detailed assessment and skilled techniques under her expert guidance.

Kinesio tape provides great help to-

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Relax overused muscles and joints

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Reduce pain

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Stabilize joints

  • Relieve trigger points

  • Support the body’s natural healing process

  • And many more

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