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Neuro-Developmental Treatment  (NDT)

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) is a hands-on treatment approach used by physical therapists. NDT is used to enhance the function of adults and children who have difficulty in controlling movement caused due to neurological challenges such as cerebral palsy, stroke, and head injury.


It is a hands‐on, client-centred approach that improves motor function in children and in adults with neurological problems and hence improves their independence in a variety of contexts, especially posture and movement.


While treating kids, we facilitate a child’s normal movement pattern while encouraging active participation whenever possible.


These movements are carried through the therapist’s guided touch are called facilitation. These facilitatory movements encourage correct movement patterns and are used to treat a child’s participative or functional activity.

How NDT helps your child?

While facilitations, theapist uses a technique to prevent or stop abnormal movement patterns, called as inhibition. Combination of facilitation and inhibition techniques improve muscle activity by holding back those muscles that are overworking.


Dr. Sayali Chitnis is a leading NDT practitioner in Belgaum. She is designated as certified NDT therapist by Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association, USA.


Here at Sachi, we analyzes the child as a whole and evaluate critical tasks. Our final goal is to work on all those tasks and ultimately improve the whole movement pattern of the child. We encourage children to move as much as possible on their own, by facilitation and inhibition when necessary.


Our NDT therapy is not only about making a child functionally active but adding meaning to the lives of children and their families.


Parents play important role in the therapy sessions. But do not worry.


Setting goals according to the expectations of the parents while keeping in mind the child’s current capabilities is an integral part of our therapy session. We do detail discussion with parents to know about their concerns before starting treatment.  Inputs from these sessions are very helpful to better understand the goals that need to be focused on. It helps us to work on child’s inner drive by giving them simple but fun activities to perform. Because child’s active involvement is a crucial part of NDT. 


We utilizes all those activities in the best possible way to re-wire child’s brain and to elicit more normal developmental responses.


In our clinic, we work collaboratively with kids, their families and caregivers, physicians, and other members of the rehabilitation team to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment program for each kid that is based on scientific principles and current research.


All kids need is a little help, hope and someone who believes in them. It should not matter how slowly a child learns. What matters is how we encourage them to never stop trying.


We believe in learning from children while treating them every time. Childhood is the happiest time of their life. Let’s treasure the memories and frame the moments with good physical and mental health.   

Please feel free to contact us to get best possible treatment for-

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Delayed development of milestones

  • Stroke

  • Head injury

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Locomotor issues

  • And many more neurological complications of children

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